Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's a beautiful day

Springy 011Today was a beautiful day here in Tennessee. This afternoon, Violet and I hung out on the balcony and I talked to the neighbor across the way. There are a couple of people who have moved in here in the past several months and they are pretty friendly, which is nice. Then Ross came home with some sour cream to top our chili, some pudding pops, and a box with a nice Valentine's Day present for Violet from her cousin Brad. I'll have a picture up of it soon. Violet has discovered the joys of tossing things off the balcony, so Ross went downstairs and asked one of our neighbors if he'd mind parting with some extra light wire fencing he had on his porch to keep his dog in. Bailey is the cute little Corgy he has downstairs and every time he barks, Violet hears him and says, "Gah! Gah!" Anyway, Moose was downstairs on his porch playing his guitar and singing and he was kind enough to give us the wire. So now hopefully we can keep the binkies and the sippy cups and the cell phones on our porch and not in the mulch below.

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