Monday, October 03, 2005

Ultrasound this morning

Just got back from my last ultrasound. That wasn't fun at all. The tech was not exactly Miss Personality. Violet is breech, for one thing, so that sucks. I could tell because she kicks down low, so it wasn't exactly a surprise, but still. And I didn't get a picture. I said, so I'm not getting a picture? She said she couldn't see her face well because her hand was in the way. First of all, she only tried for about 5 seconds and second of all like I care about her hand being in the way! I want a picture. She didn't know that???

So after working really hard to avoid high BP and gestational diabetes, I could end up with a c-section because Violet is breech. It's not quite over yet, she may still turn, but most babies are in position by this point and it gets less likely every day.

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