Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Going to the chiro

I have an appointment tomorrow at 2pm with a chiropractor. I read on the Internet about the Webster Technique, which may help breech babies turn. If you’re interested, you can read about it here:


Here’s the website of the doctor I’m going to:


I’ve read that there is an 85% success rate with this method. I am happy to have something to try. I find it hard to sit around and feel her kick me where I know her head should be and wait for a c-section. I just spoke to the doctor and I liked her a lot. She said that with this method, if the baby can turn, she will. She said that in the cases where the baby hasn’t turned for her, there have been extenuating circumstances that they’ve only found out about at birth. One woman had fibroids that were in the way, which couldn’t be seen in the ultrasound because they were behind the uterus and another woman’s baby had the cord wrapped around her arms and legs so she didn’t have the freedom to move. So this may or may not work, but I want to try something.

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