Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oh Wow, Week 36 - 28 days to go!

I say 28 days to go, but only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date.

For the next few weeks the major stuff going on with Violet is putting on some more weight and that her lungs are getting more developed for life on the outside. I did read for week 36 that her knees and elbows are getting dimples now. I’ve gotten really tired this week and can easily sleep for 10 hours a night, which is pretty unusual for me. It hasn’t helped that Ross is in Oregon – I stay up until midnight talking to him and then sleep until 10am. I think one reason I’m sleeping so late is because he isn’t here and it makes the day seem to go by faster when I get up later. I’m trying to surprise him and have the apartment super clean when he gets home tomorrow afternoon, though I’ve had to do this little bits at a time, day by day, because I just get too tired. Still, any progress is progress and I think things will be looking pretty good by the end of today.

Thanks to everyone who has called/emailed me this week to see how I’m doing since I’ve been here by myself since Wednesday. I’m so glad he doesn’t have to go back next week and I can’t wait until Ross is safely at home, which should be tomorrow afternoon around 6pm or so.

Monday I have an ultrasound. It’s usually on Fridays, but they were booked up for the 7th, so I’m going tomorrow morning. Bummer since Ross won’t be back yet, but I’ll have pictures for him when he gets home. Thursday I’m going to the OB and then will go every Thursday after that. Gives me something to look forward to, otherwise I barely know what day it is half the time. Saturday will be a big day. We have our second (and final) Lamaze class in the morning and my dad, Cathy and sisters will get here that day for a visit. Yay!

Better get to work. I’ve got lots to do around the house today…

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