Sunday, July 24, 2005

Week 26

At 26 weeks, Violet should be about 14 inches long, so she's growing like crazy now! I can't wait to see her. I've read that it is around this week where she will start opening her eyes and her hearing is getting a lot better too. I've also read that if she happened to need be born now, she would have a much better chance at survival. It's always nice when you pass those milestones of development and you feel like you can relax just a little more and that everything will turn out all right.

This afternoon I've been doing some proofing stuff and now I'm baking a chicken for dinner. Yum. The weekend just never seems long enough, though. I have been taking frequent breaks and resting on my side and drinking lots of water this weekend. We went to the pool yesterday morning for about an hour - I went over to Jessica's house to help her decorate a cake on Friday after work and my feet were ridiculously swollen after that. They looked like fat little hams! So we went to the pool Saturday morning and my feet were still little hams, but after we got home and I laid down for a while, they were much, much better. My feet have hardly swelled at all since, so I definitely think it's being at work all day and not having the opportunity to rest and such that is making my feet swell! But it's not yet as horrible as it could be and I should be able to hang on for a couple more weeks, as long as it stays about like this. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday, so I'll have a much better idea how much longer I'm going to work when I know what's going on with my blood pressure.

I know none of you are as interested as I am in my swollen feet, but I just can't help myself in going on about it, so you'll have to forgive me. ;-)

We took Ross' car to get the brakes checked on Saturday. Not very good news there. They said that the drums were warped and it was a mere $564 to fix. That seemed like way too much to us, but better poor than dead, I always say...

Today at Wal Mart we got some little pink baby caps to keep her head warm, some side snap shirts, and one of those little plastic ring of keys for her to play with when she's a little older, of course. I've started making a list of all the stuff we have - which seems like a lot when you look at the big box of stuff in the bedroom, but not so much when you're just looking at the list! I just wish more stuff came in purple and other colors. It's all pink, white, yellow, green, and boy stuff. We were looking for a Miami Dolphins cheerleader outfit or something cute like that, but they were all for toddlers. Anyway, in this tiny apartment I think the key will be organization - we have a big plastic box for her stuff (and will probably end up with one or two more) and I'm trying to make it all as easy to get to as possible. I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of this organization once I'm not working anymore. I can't wait!

Time to baste the chicken. Have a good week.

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