Sunday, July 17, 2005

Week 25!

Let's see ... the baby site I read regularly says that with this week the baby is about 13.5 inches long and about a pound and a half. The nurse who did my ultrasound this time said she weighs 1.8 pounds, but they can't really say for sure (I've read many accounts on the email list I'm on where doctors decided they should do a c-section because the baby was measuring very large - like 11 pounds or something - and then when they had the baby, he was only 7 pounds, or even less! So it's not an exact science.). It also says that she should start gaining some fat, which will smooth out her skin. Her hair should also be recognizable now.

This is an unusual week for me because I don't have to go to a doctor this week. I'm not sure what to do with myself! ;-) I will, however, be working at the horrible, horrible place where I'm temping now. I'm working on insurance benefits - not at all exciting. I've just taken over for a temp who got a permanent job - I've been working there three weeks already, but I'll be doing something different now. Anyway, the temp I'm taking over for has a 4 year old son and she has been kind enough to give us her son's crib mattress! She said they paid $150 for it - and it's in great shape, too! The one I had registered for was $70, so I'm feeling mighty good about having this mattress. That was very sweet of her. Ross and I went to her house late yesterday afternoon and she has the cutest little house! It's small, but it's very cute, with hardwood floors and plaster walls. I would love a house like that one day!

I'm having a hard time working every day. I'm so tired all the time and the people there aren't very nice. I have been carting giant boxes down the hall on a hand truck and people who work there have gotten to the door before me and have actually let the door shut in my face, rather than hold it open for me. I haven't told them I'm pregnant. It's at least a 45 minute drive each way and I just hate it. I have heard that the new job I've taken on there could last through August - which would be perfect for me financially, but I'll have to keep my eye on how it affects me physically because I don't want my blood pressure to go back up. I'm so tired all the time, I can't get enough sleep, and I never get anything done that I feel like I should be doing. I have been walking after work still, for my blood pressure, but haven't had time/energy to do any of the things I was doing before I started this job (like my prenatal yoga DVD, etc.). Still I feel very lucky because Ross is a wonderful husband and has taken over so many of the things that I usually do - and then some - and he never complains or makes me feel bad about it. He takes good care of me. He's the best!

We got a box in the mail the other day - my brother got us the baby monitor on our registry. That was a nice surprise! My mom also got us the lavender baby blanket and the sleep postioner, but they're not here yet. Today at Walmart we got a pink hooded towel. It's filling up over here! We're keeping it under control as best we can.

Gotta go do some work now before I lose my drive! In half an hour, I'm sitting down, watching a movie, and not moving for the rest of the evening!!

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