Thursday, July 28, 2005

Doctor visit today

Went to the county commissioner's office today to get started on getting my Florida license plate - so that was fun. I have to mail a letter to my lien holder and then in a few weeks when they've got my info in Florida, I'll get to go back and buy my plate.

Then I went to my OB for a checkup. My blood pressure was the same as last time - 128/74 - which they said was good. Heartbeat good. Gained 3 pounds in 3 weeks, which isn't terrible. Doctor said it's probably "all water weight" because I'm swelling pretty good now. My hands/wrists are swollen and kind of tingly most of the time. I wake up with them numb all night long - which I figure just gives me a chance to get some circulation going by getting up and going to the bathroom, right? I didn't think my legs/feet were swollen yet today, but she mashed down on my shin and her thumbprint was still there. Everything else is fine - BP, etc., so she said just to keep my feet up (I'll be sure to tell them she said that at my temp job), rest on my left side (I'll tell them that too), and drink more water (not sure how that's possible). It's hot down here and that that doesn't help, she says. I will do the best I can. I go back to see her in three weeks.

I have another ultrasound on the 12th of August and I get to go take another gestational diabetes test week after next. So far, so good!

The other day a little lizard got into the apartment. The cats helped Ross corner it so he could get a cup over it and put it outside. He said Grace was pretty fast (she's always been my good mouser when I needed one!) but he thought she was too heavy and slow now to catch something as fast as a lizard. The lizards are crazyfast down here. Well, another one got in a day or so later and Ross said Grace was lightning fast and knocked him down off the wall. She was all over that lizard like white on rice! She would've torn him limb from limb had Ross not intervened.

That's my good baby girl!

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jude cowell said...

Gracie Rules! Torn him limb from limb indeed!