Sunday, July 31, 2005

Week 27

Yea! Today starts week 27! As of today, I am beginning the third trimester (some things I've read say it starts at week 26, some at week 27, and some at week 28, so I'm going with 27!). Violet should be about 14.5 inches long and weigh around 2 pounds. She can open her eyes, she sleeps and wakes at regular intervals, and can suck on her fingers. She also may start getting hiccups occasionally too. I'm just waiting for Ross to be able to feel her move - I feel her lots now.

Good news at work for me. I told my boss that I was going to have to cut back on my hours or she would need to find another temp to replace me and she asked me what I wanted to do. I said I want to work! She looked relieved and said that it'd be fine if I worked 9-3. That is going to make such a difference to me, so I'm very excited. I left at 3 on Friday and have had my feet up all weekend and have been drinking my water and the swelling in my feet has been practically nonexistent. I love it. So I'm going to work there until the end of August, or until her boss tells her they've spent enough on keeping me, and then I'll be home to take care of myself for the last 2 months. So far, this couldn't have worked out better and I'm glad I haven't been at that stressful place where I started working when we got down here. I talk to Monica sometimes - she's the bookkeeper there and she still works there, even though she's tried to quit - and it's even worse than ever. In fact, Miss I-can't-afford-to-keep-you has given everyone raises!! I'm still glad I don't have to put up with her weird crap - it was weird and it was crap, let me tell you!

My mom has started working on a felt book for Violet. When Brian and I were kids, my mom made us a book out of felt. It was our favorite thing and we played with it for years. I remember the page with the apple tree the most. As I remember, it had a tree with a door and there was a little boy and a little girl and apples and I think a basket and a bird's nest, etc. Everything was felt, so the apples and stuff stuck to the page and you could move them around and make up stories. I'm excited about Violet having her own.

I've also asked my mom to draw Violet a picture that I can frame for her room when we move. I found these pretty ABC wall cards that are "Fairies in the Garden" (you can see them here: and I thought I might get them for Violet's room. But then I went to SuperTarget and spent a small fortune on a diaper bag, receiving blankets, side snap shirts, etc. There's so much stuff left to get, I can't justify buying wall cards at this point for a room that Violet doesn't yet have. So I asked my mom to draw Violet a similar type picture with a violet and her name and maybe some girlie magical fairies and then I'll have it to frame and I can at least hang it in the corner of the bedroom over where she'll be sleeping while we're still in WPB. After we move I may still get the wall cards - I like that kind of old fashioned look for her room. It's feminine but clean and pretty. Sort of Shabby Chic for babies, with a white crib and pastel pinks and purples. I am looking forward to getting a 2BR so Violet can have her own room and I can decorate.

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