Saturday, June 25, 2005

Mary Agnes

My mom has reminded me that today would've been my grandmother's 92nd birthday. I miss my grandmama! I miss being in the kitchen with her, watching her make cathead biscuits, and I miss her fried chicken on Sundays! I miss the gardenias and old fashioned rose bushes in her yard and I miss her yelling at Granddaddy for cutting them back too far. I miss the wonderful tomatoes and watermelons my grandfather grew. I miss climbing the apple tree in the front yard and eating crab apples and how Grandmama would come out and yell at me, "You're gonna get a stomach ache from eatin' all them apples!" I'm most sorry that she never got to meet Ross. She would've loved him! She'd be so happy about Violet, and I know she'd love the name Violet Grace too.

June is almost over. It's crazy, but if Violet is born at the very end of October, come the beginning of July, there'll be only 4 months left until she gets here! I can't wait to meet her.

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jude cowell said...

Hi, M & R & V!

Just a hoofprint to let you know i was here!