Sunday, July 03, 2005

Parcel Post

My mom sent us a package that we got on Friday. It was so much fun to open! There was a pink fleece baby blanket (that says "Sweet Heart" on it - awwwww), some pink onesies, some pink and white warm socks, baby nail clippers and more. We've gotten one of those big plastic boxes to put everything in. Then yesterday we went to Babies-R-Us and got a few more things. Trying to get a little bit at a time. I love looking at baby stuff! I wish they had more lavender stuff, but it's all pink or blue, green or yellow.

Last night we drove down to Boca and had dinner with my friend Clay - who I've known for 20 years this year! Anyway, Clay and his boyfriend, Anton, are staying in Ft. Lauderdale (from NY) for the 4th and they drove up to meet us at a seafood restaurant. It was great seeing someone we know & talking for a while. I got to wear one of my maternity tops & show off the belly a bit, since it's poking out a bit, so that was fun too.

Today we're going to the pool, so I can soak for 1/2 an hour for the blood pressure-lowering starts Week 23. Crazy! I am feeling her move around just a little more often now. I love that! I go to the doctor on Thursday morning. I'm hoping my blood pressure will be down enough for her to let me go a whole month before seeing her again. That sure would be nice.

I think we're going to the beach tomorrow for a bit. Looking forward to that...


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