Thursday, April 14, 2005

Doctor's appointment

First of all, it took forever. I guess because it was the end of the day and they worked us in since they had to reschedule the apointment from this morning. We got there at 4pm and didn't get home until almost 6 (and they're right around the corner, like 2 miles away).

So we talked for a while about the usual stuff, she asked questions, etc., had the exam, and then she used the doppler to find the heartbeat. It took a while to find it, it was more on the left side than in the middle, but it was good and strong and fast, she said about 160 beats per minute. It was really neat!! We think we might rent one of those dopplers that will take a recording. You can rent them month to month and I think it's about $50, but I'm not positive yet. I'm going to try to do it, though. I'd love a recording. Everyone will be happy to know that I don't have hepatitis or HIV, I'm immune to German measles (from my rubella vaccine), and my blood count (iron) is "strong," though it tends to fall later in pregnancy, she said, so that's another reason for the prenatal vitamins. Today I am 11.4 weeks. I haven't gained a pound since the last time I was there, either.

Oh, and she said she wouldn't know for sure there weren't twins until we do an ultrasound.

She wants me to come back in 3 weeks (ugh!), basially so I can meet the doctor. I guess that will be 14 weeks - at 16 weeks I will have an amniocentesis, but a perinatologist will do that at another office. My doctor's office will make that appointment for me, so I don't know when that will be yet. Those results (testing for Down Syndrome and other Very Bad Things) take about 2 weeks to get back.

I think that's it! Hearing the heartbeat was GREAT! Ross was there, too. When we got into the elevator to go home, he said, "I guess there's 3 people in this elevator, huh?" That's just CRAZY!

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