Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lizard on foot

My worst fear has come true - I've been touched by a lizard! Monday I was at work - I sit in the back of the store/building, in the office. There's a door right behind my desk, which we keep open (though there's a screen door there that locks). So I'm sitting there, working, and a lady opens the door and asks for receiving. I tell her it's a couple of doors down and I turn around and go back to work. Not even 30 seconds later I feel a light fluttering on my foot - I look down and there's a 4 inch long lizard resting on my foot! That's when I start screaming my head off and shaking my foot. He flies off and goes running behind the other desk.Tuesday, the bookkeeper, Monica, tells me that when she got there that morning, the lizard was standing right at the door, waiting to go out, but he was so dehydrated she had to keep stomping her foot to spook him enough to move. I wished I'd been there to help him out - of course I'm not going to touch him, but when we lived in Crawford there was a little skank that got trapped in the house and I found him a couple of weeks later, still very fast but definitely dehydrated. I gave him a little saucer of water and he drank it. Then Ross got home and caught him and put him outside. This lizard at the shop was much bigger than that and they must get dehydrated easily, I guess.So I felt bad that I wasn't there to help him out, but I got another chance later to help a fellow lizard who was suffering. The monitor for the security camera sits on my desk and I looked up on Tues. afternoon to see one of the salesladies and a customer trying to catch a lizard to get him out of the store. I went out and held the door open. The guy picked him up by his tail (which didn't come off!) and threw him out. He was stunned and just sat there and then slowly crawled under the big wooden sign that we put outside every morning. So I got a little paper cup and tore it down till it was very shallow and then I poured some water around him (his tail and a leg were sticking out from under the sign) because there's tiles there and I thought the water might get under him and he could drink some. Then I put the shallow cup of water nearby. Hours later I checked on him and he was so funny! He was standing at the shallow water cup, with his front feet on it and his head raised way up in the air, just standing there, not moving. I got my phone and tried to take a picture of him, but, even though I think he's big for a lizard in, he's too small to take a picture with a crummy cell phone camera. I wished I'd brought my digital. Anyway, I felt good about rehydrating him. I'm such the humanitarian - or lizardtarian, in this case.Ross said that when he went out last night to take the garbage, there were 5+ lizards on the ceiling of the hallway. He said it creeped him out.My doctor's appointment is tomorrow at 4pm. I'll post info about it after. Hoping we can hear the heartbeat and find out that it's definitely NOT twins! :-)

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