Monday, October 01, 2007

I want my $10 back

Saturday we went to a hot air balloon festival at Pellissippi State tech school. It was $10 per car to get in. We missed the morning liftoff because it was at 7:30am but the website said there'd be stuff going on all day like tethered balloon rides and bands and stuff. It sounded like something different to do and I figured that V would be too little to ride the balloons, but she would enjoy looking at them. Well. We were standing in the parking lot and we could see two balloons from there - we could see them deflate, anyway. It took some time to walk over and by the time we got there, they were pretty much down. There was too much wind, they said. Ok fine, but there's still more to do at the festival, right? Sure, if you want to walk through the duck poop at the lake or eat funnel cake topped with Hershey's chocolate syrup. Which we didn't.

So we let V walk around for a while because it would be a Giant Mistake to try to get her back in the car so soon after letting her out and we weren't in the mood for screaming. So after an hour of walking around we went to breakfast, which improved our moods greatly.

Today I did the grocery shopping while R took V to the mall and let her roam around at will. They like to walk around and go into various shops. He says that they went into one women's clothing store and V yelled out, "I love it!" At Spencers, when they were leaving, R told the guy to "have a good one" and V told him the same. She's been saying "have a good one!" all afternoon. She's definitely gotten to the point of saying things because she knows it'll make us laugh even if she's not entirely sure what it means.

Balloon festival 002
Kudzu from the car.

Balloon festival 005
Deflating hot air balloons.

Balloon festival 007
Say buh bye.

Balloon festival 012
That didn't take long.

Balloon festival 011
No soup for you!

Balloon festival 027
Almost that tall, but not quite.

Balloon festival 020

Balloon festival 010
The moon was still out.


Kellan Rhodes said...

That Kudzu is a mess - isn't it! The balloons were still beautiful - it's a shame they weren't able to fly so you all could see that! What a great day anyway - the weather looks beautiful! "Have a good one."

Sheri said...

Well, it looked like it was a beautiful day anyways.
That is so cute that he took her shopping at the mall. I bet it is so fun watching her say sentences now and copy you. I can't wait for that.

Zoe said...

We have a ballon festival here that never ceases to be a giant costly disapointment. I feel your pain.