Thursday, September 27, 2007

Baby needs the Tinkerbell pillow

Violet has started occasionally saying complete sentences. I wasn't paying attention when it started, so I don't remember exactly when. But she'll say things like, "I like it" or "Baby have the block." Usually she says these things in context of something I'm already talking about. Sometimes she's parroting me, but not always.

Today we were on the sofa and she was laying around and she said, "Baby needs the Tinkerbell pillow." I was a little taken aback because that just shows all sorts of understanding of language (I've read a million books, so I feel like I should know. Just don't ask me to explain it to you. Ha ha.). And it was really her original thought that she expressed.

This morning we went to the Mother Goose program we go to twice a month. She loves it. While all the little kidlets were sitting in their moms' laps before it started, Violet was walking around to everyone saying hi and being her charming self. She's Daddy's little extrovert - the opposite of me.

When I ask her if she wants to go to the store with me, she'll say, "Buy a book." Another thing she says often is DaddyMamaBaby. She'll say DaddyMamaBaby eating. Or DaddyMamaBaby riding. But she loves to talk about DaddyMamaBaby.

She is even better at counting to 14 without being led at all - and to 20 with a little help.

One of her favorite things to do right now is type on the old computer. She's pretty hard on the computer, but she's learning to be gentler. Right now she's saying, "Mama likes to type. I like to type." while I'm typing this.


Kellan Rhodes said...

I love "DaddyMamaBaby," very cute! And I love a little social butterfly - I never have been, but all my kids are too. I liked hearing about Violet and all she is learning - aren't they amazing?

Kellan Rhodes said...

Thanks for coming over - I love your Violet's eyes (Man oh man!). You are already on my list - put me on yours (please) - I'd love to visit Violet everyday and talk to you as well. Thank you for your support - you are very kind (really). Heidi's on my list too.