Saturday, September 15, 2007

See the sleeping bunnies

See the sleeping bunnies 004
See the sleeping bunnies
sleeping till it's noon
Shall we wake them with a merry tune?
Oh so still, are they ill?

Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up sleepy bunnies!
Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up sleepy bunnies!

Hop little bunnies
Hop hop hop
Stop little bunnies
Stop stop stop

Violet loves this song. I play it and sing along and then she says, "Again?!" It came on a CD they gave us when we started going to the Mother Goose program twice a month. Almost every day I give her a choice of what she wants to sleep with and she almost always picks "Yellow Bunny." My friend Kaye gave Miss Bunny to her several months ago. So thanks, Kaye!

Violet's collection of Disney plush animals is huge. She has Mickey, a pink Minnie, Donald Duck, Miss Bunny, several Poohs (Winter White, Pink, regular and a pillow of his face), a Heffalump pillow, an old fashioned Eeyore and there's probably more I'm missing. My favorites are the colored ones, like Pink Pooh, Winter White Pooh, and Pink Minnie. Now I regret not getting Blue Mickey. The saleslady said I would but I didn't believe her. Silly me!

Violet's already a Disney Kid, Ross is happy to say.


Sheri said...

she is so sweet. We are disey "kids" too. Must be our florida background. Michael wants to go to disney world so bad he can't stand it.
Violet definitely has us beat on the stuffed animals. Are you going to take her to disney one day?

Maya Papaya said...

Oh, I'm sure we will go one day! Can't wait, actually.

bam said...

My girl's also into disney, cos of mickey mouse clubhouse she watches (too much of!).

Her favorite sleep friend is a bunny too, a blue one which has accompanied her on trips too.