Friday, August 10, 2007


Today Violet has said two complete sentences, just today. We had the crate out so we could take Wylie to the vet for his annual check up and she was playing with the crate when she said, "I'm making it." Not sure what she was making, but that's ok -- she wasn't talking to me.

Then later in the waiting room at the vet she climbed in the chair and said, "Me climb up."

She can say her name too (I did forget to mention). She says it "Guy-wit."

She was so good waiting at the vet. It took a long time to get in to see the doctor. When they took Wylie out of the crate, Violet got very upset about what they were doing to Wylie. I explained things to her but that didn't help. She's a very empathetic child. The vet told me that Wylie has a heart murmur. So we're going to have him poked and prodded a bit to find out exactly what's wrong with his heart and then see what kind of medications might help. He's 16 years old, which is a decently long life for a cat, I just want him to be comfortable and not laboring to breathe. He's a good cat. I'm hoping that this is the beginning stage of whatever the problem is and that he's got a few good years left in him.


Sheri said...

I am sorry about Wylie. I am sure they will do all they can to make him better. 16 years is a very long time. Have you had him the whole 16 years? Do you have a pic of him? That is so sweet that she loves him so much and was concerned for him.

When did Violet start talking? I am worried Grace might have a problem. She does not say much.

Sheri said...

Your cats are so pretty! Grace must be the best cat to let Violet lay on her. I love the hug pic and the one of Wylie in the tissue box. We lost both of our cats this past year and not from old age. They were are kids and it was and is awful.
I tried to look up where she should be now with her verbal skills and it scared me.
Thanks for the reassurance. Grace is almost 15 mo. The only word she says clearly is bye bye. But she does point at things like you were saying. I have been wanting to check out that book. He is a genius. We saw his video in birthing class. The 5 s's are magic. I am going to request both of them from the library tonight.

Sheri said...

We just went to her 12 mo checkup. We were behind. He did not ask me any developemental questions this time. He was more focused on the shots I was worried about.
She plays all day and looks at books a lot. But if elmo is on, she totally tunes me out. I do need to interact more with her. My husband says she has ADD. He does. I told him last night to try really hard to focus on one thing longer with her. Instead of going from one toy or book to another so quickly.