Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Have it

Behind me, Violet is playing in her crib. She has a little bunny and she's making it hop. She's saying, "hop hop hop hop hop."

Earlier today, I was typing an email. She'd been in the "playroom" playing. All of a sudden, she came walking in wearing only her shirt. "Naked bum," she said as she turned and walked out of the room. That pretty much sums it up right there.

She talks all the time now and it's great fun. Her big thing lately is to mimic anything she hears - from "oh crap!" to "ahhhh, me time."

Her favorite word is heavy, I think. This comes from me - I have always called her wet diapers heavywet. So now she does the same. Or she'll say "heavy and wet." Sometimes she'll say "heavy and (whisper) wet." But everything else is heavy too. Heavy book, heavy shoe, heavy cat, heavy cup.

Time and everything else is speeding up here. Last year at this time I only thought I didn't have time to do everything I needed to do. Now work competes with my ahhhh, me time, I still don't get any sleep, and everything's still a mess most of the time. Except Sundays. Usually we clean it up on Sundays and then it all starts again. Ross seems to have class every Saturday and those are long days for me and for Violet. We both miss him. Somehow she seems to know he should be there that day, even though she doesn't yet have a concept of the weekend being different from any other day of the week.

She's putting short phrases together - she just said, "me out." She can say "Goodnight Moon again" and "Good morning, sunshine!" She says, "Mommy and Daddy" and "Dora and Boots." She says "have it" a lot and many other things that later I probably won't believe I forgot to mention...

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