Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wylie's stuck

I'm sitting here with V sleeping on me, as usual, and I thought I felt something brush against my leg. I decided that it must be my imagination because the baby gate is up and the bathroom door is closed and I know the cats aren't lithe enough to jump over the gate. Ha.

A few minutes go by and Wylie puts his front paws on my leg and meows, freaking me out. I decided he was stuck in here until Miss wakes up from her nap because, well, who wants to wake up a sleeping baby? Not me, that's for sure.

Eventually he starts to meow, which will also wake up a sleeping baby. So I carefully pick Violet up (she only stirred for a second) and crack the bathroom door so he can get out. He walked out and I sat down - then he came back in and rubbed up against my leg and then walked out again. As much of a thank you as you'll ever get from a cat.

Now he's outside the room howling. That cat doesn't stay happy for very long.

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