Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A happy birthday to me

I got some good stuff this year for my birthday. My husband gave me some much-needed extra sleep and dinner from Milano's. My mom gave me a calendar of extraordinary chickens (I hear you laughing, but that's because you don't know how much I love chickens and what a perfect gift this was for me), some Godiva chocolates (Which I refused to share with Ross. And I'm not even sorry!), and some shampoo that I like. My MIL gave me the Perfect Gift That Always Fits (which I'm going to use to get a scanner - I can't wait!!). But Cathy and my dad...well, there aren't words to describe...

Our tiny little apartment may not look like much, but for one brief, shining was clean and Pine-Sol fresh thanks to Cathy and a local housecleaning service!

Thanks, y'all!

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