Thursday, September 14, 2006

She's a mess.

Violet's a mess today.

I think she's getting another tooth because she's drooling like crazy and her nose is running but she doesn't have a fever. She is, however, in a cranky mood. Sounds like teething to me.

She's also scratched herself right between her eyes. Probably while trying to avoid going to sleep, her favorite pastime of late.

So, because I was the one who complained a couple of weeks ago at the gym about people bringing in sick kids to Kid Kare, they posted a sign that says they won't accept kids with runny noses or who are obviously sick. This means, of course, that I can't exactly take Violet to the gym with her nose running even though I really don't think she's sick. The last time a tooth started coming in, she had a clear runny nose for a week. Boo! Hiss! on the runny nose!

So we went to the nearby church and walked around for an hour. It's perfect weather for it today. Violet kept leaning over the edge of the stroller and dropping her Cheerios along the way (Ross says that if we ever get lost, at least we can find our way back along the Cheerio-covered trail.). At some point I realized she was asleep like that, with her head hanging over the stroller and her arm hanging down.

Poor little sleepykins!

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jude cowell said...

The Sleepy Girl at the end of your post made me laugh!

But it's too bad you didn't complain about parents bringing in babies with Fevers since that's when they're contagious.