Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Violet Grace

When we were looking for a girl baby name, we wanted something that was slightly unusual but yet something people could easily understand and spell. I also wanted something feminine, yet strong, and something a little old fashioned, yet "new" again.

It was when I was in labor that a nurse told me that she'd just heard Jennifer Garner was naming her baby Violet. Violet Affleck = sounds like someone should say bless you. According to the Social Security Administration , in addition to Jen and me, 823 people also chose the name Violet for their daughters last year. So it's growing in popularity, but still unusual (in 2004 only 475 babies were given the name). Exactly what I was looking for in a name.

Picking Grace for her middle name was easy - though it seems everyone is giving their daughter the middle name Grace lately, my kid is named after the cat. Don't hate her because she's beautiful (the cat, that is). If you have a problem with this all I can say is, you don't know Grace. She's the best freaking cat in the world.

Anyway - Violet! A fabulous name. Beautiful, strong - and purple was always my favorite color. Ok, the mean kids might call her Shrinking or Violent Violet but who cares? We're going to have her learn Kung Fu so she can kick any asses she needs to.

The best part is - everyone can spell Violet, right?

I pick her up from Kid Kare today and she's got their sticker on her back with her name written on it. VOILET. Like toilet with a v.



Tree said...

Violet is a wonderful name! I love the flower names, they are sweet and charming and a bit old fashioned. I always thought if I had a little girl I would name her Isabella, after my great grandmother. My neighbors granddaughter is named that and they call her Izzy! Ugh!

MEH said...


I'm not a giant fan of shortening Isabella to Izzy either. Isabelle/Isabella is so beautiful, why turn it into Izzy?!