Friday, July 21, 2006

First wordish

Recently Violet has been vocalizing the sound "mamamamamamamama" quite often. Over the past three days, she has often shortened it to just "mama" or "mamamama." Last night I was tired of fighting with her over going to sleep - she's definitely trying to keep herself awake - and I put her in her crib for a minute and laid down on the bed. She pulled herself up to her knees and looked at me and said mama. Of course then I went over and picked her up, "That's right, I'm your mama, sweet baby!"

This morning when she woke up, she looked at me and said mama. She's been saying it off and on all morning. I'm not entirely sure that she understands the full meaning of the word, but when she says it and I repeat it back to her and say that, yes, I'm her mama, I've seen little glimmers of recognition cross her face that lead me to believe that she understands that it is definitely a word and that she can use it to communicate with us. Very exciting!

V is 9 months old today! We were both laying on the floor this morning when I looked at her and realized that she was sitting instead of laying - this is the first time she's gone from laying down to sitting up! Milestones galore here this week.

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