Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sick baby

Miss Baby is sick for the first time ever. Gotta love Kid Kare.

She woke up and just seemed tired and a bit warm. We checked her temp but it wasn't high, so we continued about our day. She was a bit fussy and seemed so tired, she just wasn't my usual bluebird of happiness. Ross left for work and Violet had a nap - she slept 2.5 hours before lunch and she normally only sleeps 3 during the entire day. When she woke up, I checked her temp - 100.8. It was noon which meant that the doctor's office was at lunch so I had to wait until 1 to call.

I called at 1 and set up an appointment for 2. (Her weight is 16 lbs., 12 oz. She seems so heavy lately, I just knew she was getting closer to 20 pounds!) Her temp was 102.8!!! They gave her some Tylenol and she obviously felt better about 20 minutes later. But the worst was yet to come.

They pricked her finger, which shocked her terribly. Her white count was highish - so the doctor decided to take some more blood from her arm. A horrible, horrible ordeal. Two nurses came in and squeezed both her arms for a while looking for the right vein. Then they put a tourniquet on her arm, which completely freaked her out. At one point she was screaming but no sound was coming out and when I picked her up off the table, there was a wet spot on the paper from her tears.

She also got a shot of an antibiotic. Basically, they took the blood to make sure that it's not bacterial and they gave her a broad-spectrum antibiotic just in case it is. The blood culture has to cook for 48 hours and then we'll know. Chances are it's just viral and we'll never know what it was and the antibiotic was just for fun (and what fun it was).

I take her back tomorrow to check her temp and white count again (finger prick). They checked her urine too, but that was fine. Ears are fine. Throat isn't red. Her nose isn't runny. She's eating well. Poor sweet baby, she did great at the doctors. She cried and screamed, but all in all she was a little trouper. I'm dreading the finger prick tomorrow, though. And the shot. We're both worn out for today. Ross told me he got a new thermometer because she obviously had a fever this morning but our thermometer kept reading normal.

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