Monday, July 10, 2006

Fruits and Veggies

Violet eats her fruits and vegetables - do you?
fruits and veggies


jude cowell said...

Blueberries--not so much!

Jen said...

goodness, she's cute!

stumbled on your blog from Da Momma's.

I think she's close in age to mine! 6 months old, next week :)

MEH said...

Thanks, Jen! Violet is a little older than yours - 9 months this Friday.

I LOVE Da Momma! I check it every day. I can't wait until Violet can talk so I can have some funny stories to post.


Ha ha.

jen said...

I crack up every time I read her stuff. :)

I'm just excited for my kid to start eating more of those fun things...

and talking? sheesh. According to friends, my kid's bound to have sentences like this coming out of her mouth, "But Mama, you just don't understand the circumstances of the situation."

That's what I get for being an English-y person :)

P.S. Don't stop blogging just 'cause you don't think people are reading... one day it'll be a priceless reminder of the little things you might not have written down otherwise. Besides, there's always a lurker here and there! :)

MEH said...

Jen - do you have a blog? If so, leave the address here - I'd like to check it out.

jen said...


I've got a 6 month update coming up for her, but until that, I'm on a brief hiatus.