Friday, February 03, 2006


I love this baby! She is so sweet and such a beauty. Her latest thing is sucking her fists. She does it all the time and she drools like crazy. She isn't really grabbing at stuff yet - though she enjoys holding fabric (washcloths, blankets, clothing) in her hands - but she likes to put stuff in her mouth. Her fist, your finger, your arm, your shoulder - she will gum you up! Today I was holding her near her bouncy seat and she kind of leaned forward so she could put the moon that arcs over the seat in her mouth to see what that was like. She thought that was great.

We still haven't gotten her many toys (so we don't have to move them) but it's getting to be about time. I want to get her a Fisher-Price "Deluxe Jumperoo" and some blocks and a stacking toy. And the Fisher-Price "Drop and Roar Dinoasaur"! And a little piano - and Fisher-Price also makes a little piano that goes on the crib that she can play with her feet. She's very kicky and I think she'll like that.

I can't wait to get to Knoxville and go toy shopping!!

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