Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday morning

After she got her shots on Friday, Violet was very, very fussy. Screaming her head off, actually. Ross had made a white noise cd the other night that we were hoping would help, but didn't seem to so we hadn't been using it. Well, he brought the cd player over and turned it on while she was screaming and turned it up louder than her screams and she calmed right down. Then I was able to get her to nurse easily and, aside from a few fussy moments, she was an angel. I took her to the bedroom and swaddled her up tight and we put the cd player nearby and played the white noise all night. She slept a lot better than she had in several days. Then yesterday she was an angel baby all day long. It was wonderful - I kept thinking, now this is the baby I signed up for... Today she's been a little more fussy, but after being awake since 6:30 this morning, I figured that maybe she was being fussy because she was sleepy since it was 10:30 and she hadn't really napped much since she woke up. So I swaddled her up (we use duct tape to keep the swaddle from coming open!) and laid her in the bassinet with the white noise on and she went right to sleep. Better get going - this is my one chance to do some cleaning.

I took this picture this morning. She was laying on the floor on her white blanket and she got very quiet and peaceful. Sweet baby Violet!

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jude cowell said...

Looks like Violet's eyes have lightened up to a nice blue!