Sunday, August 21, 2005

Week 30 - just 10 more to go!

Violet Bunny should be about 15.5-16 inches long and able to suck her thumb now, should she so desire.

Today I am tired, tired, tired. We went to the pool this morning, which was great. Then we went to SuperTarget because we just couldn't handle all the rude weirdos that we knew would be crowding SuperWalmart. Target is a much more pleasant experience, but the low low prices of Walmart generally win out.

My back has been hurting - especially at night. I wake up every 2-4 hours, push my self up out of bed and try not to stumble too much on my way to the bathroom. Generally, Grace is sleeping right up next to me and she always scolds me as I maneuver my way back into bed. It's pretty funny.

I think we have finally gotten the majority of basic clothing necessities that Violet will need for her first few months. Anything else we get from others in that department will just be icing on the cake. I tried not to get too much, but wanted to make sure we had a little bit of everything long before she gets here, since you never know. The only stuff left is the big stuff and the fun stuff. Today we got a cute denim overall jumper from SuperTarget (6 months) - I've vowed this is the only thing like this I'll get until she gets here and we move again and I know what our $$ is doing. But it's so cute, I can't stand it! I'll post a picture.

Friday I called the hospital to make an appointment to tour the hospital and sign up for a baby class or two. They have a machine and so I left my name and number and they're supposed to call back within two business days. I'm really excited about seeing the hospital, as they call it "The Centre for Family Beginnings" - so very fancy. Ha! We'll see.

I'm working through August 31st. I told my boss that I'd be happy to work the whole week, but when she talked to her boss, he wanted to go ahead and get rid of me (I don't think I've ever met him or anything, nothing personal, he just thinks I've been there for long enough - and he's probably right!). She convinced him that she neeeeeeeeds me - so he said, ok, but only until the 31st. That's fine with me. I have a giantly long list of stuff to do before the end of October.

It's pretty much all baby here, all the time. It's fun...

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jude cowell said...

Astoundingly cute jumper & shirt--i can see how you couldn't resist.
Looks larger in the pic than 6 months though...roomy even.

Must be her hippy outfit!