Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hurricane's coming!

Well, we should get our first hurricane of the season here Friday morning. Right now they're saying that it should hit a bit south of WPB, around Boynton and Boca. Right now it's a tropical storm, but will turn into a Category 1 hurricane right before it hits. They're saying that up this way it'll be more tropical storm-like and less hurricane-like. That would be nice. So it looks like we probably won't be working on Friday. The only people who need to evacuate at this point are the people around Boca who live in mobile homes. Our apartment is very sturdy - stucco and concrete - so we feel pretty good about it, though we will evacuate if necessary.

Hopefully this will be the worst one to hit us this year, since it's not supposed to be all that bad...

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