Saturday, July 09, 2005

Week 24

Tomorrow starts week 24. It's tripping me out! Violet is over 11 inches long - how's she fitting in there?! It's crazy! This Friday, the 15th, I'm having another ultrasound, which is always exciting. Can't wait to get another peek at Violet. I'm feeling her move around more and more, though they're still just faint pokes and flutters.

Today we went to Babies-R-Us and got a couple of biggish items. We got the swing and the Pack 'n Play, so Vi will have a choice of places to sleep and hang out. We're planning on getting a couple of big things a month and some clothes and stuff so it doesn't hit us all at once and so we have time to figure out where to put it all. We also got her a tub and a foam sponge thing that sits in the tub so she doesn't slip. I had a couple of coupons too, so that didn't hurt.

Today is my friend Diana's birthday - so happy birthday Diana!

Other than that, we're just watching movies and cleaning up. I'm hoping to get the bedroom moved around a little bit to make more room for Violet's stuff - we have no idea where all of it is going to go! We can't wait until she gets here!

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