Friday, July 15, 2005

Ultrasound today.

We had an ultrasound today and it was ok. It was cool to see her - we saw her moving around and kicking her feet! It was so cute. But we had a different nurse this time - we had the same one the last two times and she was wonderful. Very personable and took the time to show us lots of angles, point things out, and get us good pictures. This one wasn't all that nice, only gave us two pictures (instead of the usual three), and hurried us right out the door. I'm getting another ultrasound in another month "to check for growth."

One picture she gave us is of her face, which is nice (though she's still quite skeletal looking, only weighing 1.8 pounds so far), but the other one is of her back. Big freaking deal. I always feel her moving pretty low in my stomach but the nurse was using the wand really far up - farther up than they ever have before - and I asked her how high up she hangs out now - I mean, what do I know, right? Does she swim around a lot or just hang out in one place? I don't know these things, which is why I asked. Just because there's room up there now doesn't mean that's where she is. She was very short with me, saying your uterus is up here, she's there now, like I'm an idiot and I have a clue how all this babystuff works, and next thing I know, she's running out the door. There's so much about being pregnant that's irritating - being hot a lot of the time, not feeling your best, swelling feet, low energy, etc. - to me an ultrasound is something you really, really look forward to and it sucks not to get to enjoy it because you feel like you're getting on the nurse's nerves just by being there. The doctor's office charges our insurance company $400 too, so I feel like we should get a bit of personal attention for that reason as well.

Maybe we'll luck out and get the nice nurse next month.

I'm going to try to get the photos scanned in this weekend and then I'll post them here. The doctor (a "high risk" specialist who never graces us with his presence while we're there - I've seen him once, when he did the amnio, but not once since) said she looks fine. She's still measuring at 5 days younger than the due date.

Tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary. :-)

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