Thursday, June 16, 2005

Doctor visit

Well, I went to the doctor today - just for my monthly checkup. Everything looked good except my blood pressure. The heartbeat was great, urine perfect, weight gain is fine, but my BP was 148/92. Anything above 140/90 is bad for pregnancy - 160/110 and above is considered a severe problem. She had me lie on my left side for a few minutes and then checked it again - 140/86. Better, but not good enough - though I'm not sure about those results, considering they only gave me about 2-3 minutes to lie there and then the girl couldn't find my pulse, so a second nurse had to do it. She had trouble too, so they took my BP about 6 times before deciding on 140/86.

Anyway, the doctor said that I should lie on my left side in the afternoons for a while every day, not to get stressed out, and to call her immediately if I start seeing spots. From what I read online today, I wouldn't start seeing spots or getting bad headaches unless it got more toward the 160/110 range.

So I just finished laying on my left side for 25 minutes and listening to a classical music CD someone gave me (something free she got from Enfamil when she was pregnant, called Smart Symphonies.). Other than that, I'm going to try to eat more protein (still having trouble with this) and to eat more vegetables. I'm getting lots of fruit, but veggies have been harder for me. I'm going to work on walking more often, though I get really tired if we walk longer than 20 minutes, but 20 minutes isn't overwhelming, and it's better than nothing. And I'm going to do my prenatal yoga DVD. I don't know if that will help, but it can't hurt. I've read that getting into a pool and just floating around in it can lower your BP. I don't know if it has lasting effects or how often you have to do it, but I figure I'll add that to my list at least one day a week, which also couldn't hurt.

I really do feel like I'm taking care of myself, but I will rest more on my left side and hopefully it will stay down. I am getting enough sleep and I am not eating bunches of junk or anything. I've felt very lucky so far not to have any real cravings, so I'm sticking to eating fewer sweets now while I don't really care whether I have them or not - hopefully that will last throughout.

Tomorrow is the ultrasound. I can't wait for Ross to see her! I'll post again tomorrow after the ultrasound.

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