Friday, June 17, 2005

20 Week Ultrasound

What fun! I'm planning to get the pictures scanned this weekend and post them here.

So far, so good. She said Violet's still measuring at 5 days younger than her due date, which is what she said the last time. Consistency in her growth is the most important thing, so this is good. Ross was there, too, which was great. We got to see her feet - which I asked about because I had to have surgery on my feet when I was young - and they look good and as perfectly straight as they ought to look. We also saw her hands and her head and her heart, everything looked good.

I'm having another ultrasound in a month, July 15th, to check her growth. It looks like I may go every month, in addition to my OB. I'm not entirely sure why, but I guess generally because I'm considered high risk. Though if my blood pressure doesn't go and stay down, I'd probably have to go every month anyway, when you combine that with my other risk factors. I don't mind seeing Violet, though, once a month. It's nice to have it to look forward to.

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