Sunday, May 29, 2005

Week 18

Today begins week 18. Baby should be about 5.5 inches long and weigh about 7 ounces. I should start feeling baby move in the next week or two. Results from the amnio will hopefully be in by next Friday (6/3/05). Baby's ears are forming and he/she should be able to start hearing this week or so.

I called a temp agency and the person I need to speak with is out of town and will be back Tuesday. I have to email my resume and go from there. Trying not to be down, as Baby can feel the effects. Yes, I know worrying doesn't help, so I'm not going to add worrying about worrying to my list of worries.

Nothing's going on this weekend for Memorial Day. I made some chili, which isn't half bad. Ross is off Monday. We may go for a walk at the beach tomorrow but that's about it. Pretty much just doing free stuff, which includes going for walks, reading baby books and watching TV. This morning we sat out on the balcony, Ross with his coffee and me with my lemon water, and watched the golfers. It's pretty out.

Have a good Memorial Day. I'll post again when I hear about the amnio.

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