Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The View

The view from our apartment is great! We're in the back of the building, second floor (the top floor on this end - the middle section of the building has 3 floors). Our balcony is bigger than in Duluth so we've got two folding chairs out there right now and we've had breakfast and sometimes dinner out there since we got here. Anyway, the balcony looks out onto a golf course. There are lots of interesting birds around who fish in the two ponds we can see from our apartment. I hope to take pictures. There's one in particular who dives under the water and will be under there for a while - maybe even a couple of minutes - and then up he comes with a fish in his beak! I didn't know there were any birds who did that. I'll also be keeping my eye on the lizard population. I've only taken a picture of one so far, but I hope to get lots of pictures. I have a fascination with lizards - I hate them, they gross me out, yet they are intriguing. They grow them pretty big down here! One I saw I thought was a gator. Ha.

Today is the last full day Ross has before he has to get to work. He's going on a ride along with someone who knows the area tomorrow and Friday. So today we went to get our driver's licenses but the line was out the door and a woman came by and said that we should make an appointment in order to avoid the probably five hour wait today. So we called and we have an appointment on April 13th. Crazy that it takes that long. I got our auto insurance updated to Florida and it was tons more expensive, so I called and she told me that here they "stack" the uninsured motorist coverage. Hard to explain, but it's like if you had an accident in one of your cars, you could use the coverage from both of them if you needed to. This is optional and it costs bunches more. So I had to fill out forms to say that I don't want to stack the coverage and the cost will go down a lot - but it's still a really good bit more than we paid in Georgia. Not that that was a surprise.

I called and got a doctor's appointment this Friday at 1:30pm. Details to follow ... this is my 8th week, I believe.

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