Friday, March 25, 2005

First doctor's appointment

I just got back from my first appointment - the office is only about 2 miles from the apartment, so that's nice. The hospital I'm very probably going with is Wellington Regional Medical Center, which is about 20 minutes away ( They're the only ones in the area that have a NICU, which I don't think I'll need but you never know.

The appointment was with a nurse practioner and then the next time I go (April 14) the appointment will be with a doctor, Andrea Bayer. I hope to be able to stick with her the whole time - the NP (nurse practioner) said Dr. Bayer likes to deliver her own patients, so that would be really nice. Between now and the next visit, I have to get a blood test. It's a screening for cystic fibrosis and checking for rubella, hepatitis B and whatever else. I also have some papers to fill out and take back to the office with me - to make sure I'm not being abused and stuff - there's questions like "Do you or any member of your household go to bed hungry?" and "Have you moved more than 3 times in the past 12 months?" and then, more directly, "In the last year has anyone hit you or tried to hurt you?" I guess Wylie waking me up 12 times a freaking night since we've moved down here doesn't count.

My blood pressure was 120/60, which was great news to me!! I was very excited about that, one less thing to stress about. All that chewy whole wheat pasta is totally worthwhile. Of course it's not unusual for BP to drop when you first get pregnant, then rise later, but I know the doctors will keep a close eye on it and I'm eating what I'm supposed to eat, so I'm not going to worry about it unless I have to later.

My due date is October 30 and I'm 8, almost 9 weeks along.

Ross is on his second day of ride-alongs. Yesterday he and Alex went to Jupiter and to some mall or other. I think he said they went to Sears. Today they're doing some in-store selling. I'm sure that will be bunches of fun! They're at Costco in Lantana, which isn't too far from here - 15 minutes drive or so. He thinks he's really going to like the job. He's not chained to a phone or desk all day and, within certain guidelines, gets to make it his own. He's so outgoing, I know he's doing a great job. Alex did the first presentation yesterday morning and then Ross did all the rest of them for the day - he didn't have any problems, knew what he was talking about and all that. So he feels very comfortable with the job and I am extremely proud of him. He's the best!

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