Saturday, August 25, 2007

All about it

Today was a really fun day. We went to the zoo and finally checked out the playground area, called Kid's Cove. We mainly went to the giant sandbox and this cool activity area they have. It kind of looks like a store or something, but it's got two slides and lots of ropes and "rocks" to climb. Violet loved it. I got some video I'll post tomorrow. One of the slides was too big for her to get to, but the other one worked just fine, though it may be the slowest slide in the world.

Here she is in the sandbox.
Going to Kids Cove 019
She's a climber, if you didn't know.

She was sufficiently tired out for her nap after that trip. Her sleeping patterns are changing again and I'm finding I have less time to do things on the computer. Like work and pay bills, not to mention the fun stuff like uploading photos to flickr. I haven't quite worked out the solution yet, but I'm trying. The good news is she's slept until 7am for the past 4 days. Good news for me, anyway. Ross has had to get up early and drive to Virginia for some dreaded racing event. It's hot out there in the sun on the fairgrounds, yo. And today he had class for the fourth Saturday in a row. Yeah, that's gotten old. But we can see the light shining at the end from here...

This afternoon we went to Toys R Us. I really want to get her a table where she can work on her drawing and sculpting (this is Very Important), but they didn't have one I wanted at TRU. They just had cheap and flimsy ones. I don't want a cheap table with Dora on it. I thought I found one made by Little Tikes that would work, even though it is natural wood colored and I really want white. But the price on it has risen to the point that for $10 more I can buy one from Pottery Barn Kids (the small one)! I love Pottery Barn Kids, it's just out of my price range. So the search for a suitably sturdy and attractive activity table continues.

But we got a few other things I've been meaning to get. We got a set of Duplos, a game of bowling (she laughs hysterically when she misses and Ross says, "gutter ball!"), some more Play-doh, and a set of Crayola TaDoodles, which were a huge hit.

Painting 095

Painting 030

Painting 035

Painting 072

You had to know this was going to happen, right? Luckily, they're very washable.
Painting 127

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Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Oh we want some of those marker/crayons! Excellent fun. And the sandbox, what a great place to be for a toddler. Sigh... I miss young children. I wonder if my teens would go for a sand box outing?

Great pictures! Hope you are doing well and sending purrs from the Kitty Cats!