Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Princess and the Pea

This morning. You know - get up, showers, breakfast, reading, Dora, playing blocks, laundry. That's how it goes.

I was doing that laundry this morning when Violet started to cry. She ran to me, but I couldn't figure out why she was crying. She stopped crying. Ah, great - crisis averted.

But over the next 20 minutes, she'd start crying again. I asked her to tell me where it hurt - it seemed to be her teeth. So I gave her some Tylenol. Yay - crisis averted.

Then again with the crying. I asked her again, where does it hurt? She pointed to her nose. I tried looking up there, but didn't see anything. She kept crying off and on. So I called Ross and asked him where there might be a flashlight. I found a small, not-very-bright flashlight in the shoe holder we have hanging in our closet, right where he guessed it would be.

And there was definitely something up there. First I tried (yes, very gently) a swab. I could tell immediately that wouldn't work. It looked like a piece of fruit to me. I didn't feel comfortable going after it with tweezers so I called the doctor and took her in. Thankfully, they hadn't gone to lunch yet or we wouldn't have been able to get in until the afternoon.

She didn't cry the whole way there, but there was still definitely something up her nose. She was great in the doctor's office. We weighed her (21 lbs. 9 oz.) and then we read some books and played with a toy in the room while we waited for Dr. Howard.

Violet was great. She laid down and I held her arms above her head while the doctor looked. Then she got out her small pliers and pulled out - a pea.

We had peas at dinner last night. Violet almost never throws her food to the floor anymore, but sometimes she puts some of it in her high chair seat. I'm guessing that she found it this morning and figured out that the pea and her nostril were a match.

She is really good at fitting her blocks through the cutouts on the lid of the canister...

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