Thursday, April 19, 2007

A pile of sand

Several weeks ago, I took Violet to the playground. She had a lot of fun sitting in the hole she dug in the sand and then covering her legs and belly in sand. I figured I'd made a big mistake that day by putting her in a tshirt and pants. She had a little bit of sand in her diaper and had to have a bath, which she thought was wonderful, but didn't exactly make me want to take her right back to the playground.

So today before I took her to the playground, I put her in a onesie and jeans that are a bit too long and I hoped that would help with the sand issue. She had a great time!

At the playground 010
Here she's telling me who mama's love is.

Today she figured out that she could climb the stairs and then slide down the slide. This was fabulous news and she did it over and over again. I made a little video I'll post later.

At the playground 038
It helps your concentration if you stick your tongue out.

It was a beautiful day.

At the playground 008
Love the sand!

When we got home we had lunch and then I changed her clothes to get the sand out. It wasn't too bad, really, just a light dusting. I let her run around for a few minutes in her diaper before I put clean clothes on her because she loves it so. I tell her you're naked! and she grins and grabs her belly like she's so proud.

I always change her diaper before her nap, so I did that before putting on her clean clothes and when I did, this is what I found:

sand from her diaper 002
Sand! Lots and lots of sand!

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