Friday, March 30, 2007

So sweet

March 30, 2007 002
Today Ross went on a tour of the Dell plant with his class so he got home late. We spent the afternoon on the porch. I gave Violet a sticker of some pigs, which she decided to drop off the balcony and then cry about it. She went inside to the shelf where I keep all her stickers and kept saying "gih? gih?" (pig) in this plaintive voice. So I got her another pig sticker. She promptly took it outside and threw it over the ledge and then cried about it. I didn't give her another pig sticker. I did, however, load her arm up with cat stickers, which apparently wasn't as good as another pig sticker, but sufficed.

And I swung her around upside down for a while.

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jude cowell said...

lol! you so funny!