Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wylie says, "Where's my dang water, y'all?!"

This is Wylie, in one of his usual hang outs. He's laying around in the bathroom hoping that one of us will get him a cup of water. See, he has water. In fact, he has no less than four places where he can drink water at any given time. But that's not the best water. No. The best water is the water we just got for him, in a little cup on the floor in the bathroom. He'll drink out of that until he's satisfied. Then, about 10 minutes later, that water is old water. And old water is no good. He needs new water. In fact, he must have it. Now! Now! Now! (It sounds like "Mrow! Mrow! Mrow!" when he says it.) And the cycle continues, day in and day out.

And this would be fine - except that Grace always knocks over the old water. Always.

I'm submitting this post to the Carnival of the Cats #149, which you will find at Mind of Mog starting this Sunday evening, January 28th.

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Rachel Whetzel said...

So Grace isn't short for GraceFUL? hee hee had to, sorry! We have a white kitty at our house too. Her name is Sadie. Is Grace deaf? Just asking because that's really common in white cats with blue eyes. Something about the genetic combo...