Saturday, January 20, 2007

Trip to the aquarium

Trip to TN Aquarium
Look at me! I'm a big scary fish!

This is a Beluga Sturgeon. Ain't he purty? We had lots of fun at the aquarium, despite the rain. Truth be told, fish and sea life creep me out a little. I've always been this way, you can ask my mom. She and Brian would be watching "cool" underwater shows on PBS when I was a kid and I'd be running out the room, horrified (I have serious love/hate feelings toward Komodo Dragons).

I do like cute and/or pretty fish, but I hate reptiles/amphibians. Still, I always have to look at them no matter how disgusting. So click on the sturgeon to enjoy more pictures of Violet at the aquarium - along with a revolting pile of snakes, a hideous small gator, and a freaky long-necked turtle that totally creeped me out.

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