Monday, January 08, 2007

A little update

Howdy. How is everyone? I'm back in the land of the living.

Things were going swimmingly at Christmas, and then I got a stomach virus. All last week I was laid flat out. It was pretty awful. There were a couple of days I just laid on the floor while Violet played and I watched to make sure she didn't hurt herself. That was all I was up to. Today's the first day I've been anywhere in more than a week.

Violet and I went to Target, where I saw lots of things I wanted to buy but didn't. I have it in my head that I want to get her a pair of camouflage pants, but I haven't found any. So if you see any anywhere sized 18 or 24 mo., let me know. Ha. I wouldn't mind the pink girl's kind either.

So I have a # of pounds in mind that I want to lose this year - the virus took care of 7.5 of them, so that's something. Tomorrow we're headed back to the gym. I'm a little worried that Violet will freak out again since she hasn't been in so long. But if so, I'm sure she'll get used to it again in under a week.

I'm picking up a rocking chair from a lady I found on craigslist. I'm thrilled to be getting this chair for $5. Much better than the $40 I keep seeing them around for. Yippee!

I'm also trying to get Vi some more board books. She has gone crazy for the reading all of a sudden! I got the Belly Button Book! today. Violet is all about her belly button lately, so I thought she'd like it. Next time, there's this box set of Baby Einstein books I want to get. Alphabooks - each book is on a letter of the alphabet. And then they have a whole series of What Does Violet See? books that I just found online tonight. Seems like a big, old bunch of must-haves!

She's fascinated with naming body parts. She knows where practically everything is. Head, hair, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, chin, neck, chest, belly button (but belly, not so much), knees, feet, toes. She wakes up in the middle of the night to have me name them. And I do, and then she goes right back to sleep. It's pretty sweet.

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