Thursday, December 21, 2006


I had to take pictures of V in this snowflake sleeper. Unfortunately, I just bought some 18 month sleepers a couple of weeks ago but the only ones I could find were without feet. Then we decided to get V into the crib in her own room starting next week, so I had to go find more sleepers with feet. So far, she doesn't understand the concept of sleeping with a blanket on her, she gets tangled in it and gets upset. So I'm all paranoid that she'll get cold in her crib by herself. So I found the sleepers with feet, which should help, and we'll turn the heat up, of course. Of the four I bought, this one is my favorite. It's got little snowflakes all over.

I love this first picture because it's very definitely Violet, Miss InConstantMotion. It's overcast and gray, so there's not a lot of light out.

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