Thursday, December 28, 2006

My sweetie pie

What's this look? I don't know, but I thought it was funny. She was just about ready for her nap...

Ok, there's my sweetie pie.

Well, the sleep training was a miserable failure. I'll spare you the details, other than to say that we were all extremely miserable. Really, if I had a bed that nice to sleep in, I'd be all about it. So far, she doesn't understand when I tell her how beautiful it is and that it came from Italy. But she's still our sweet girl and we love her all the muches!

This is killing me - she's started to say two words. It's funny to me because she still mainly says "gah" for everything, plus "mama" and "cah" or "kih-kah," but she's started making these sounds that must be two syllable words, if only you knew what she was talking about. But yesterday I actually heard her say "camera." Camera! I know that's what it was, because that's what it sounded like AND she was pointing to the camera when she said it! Later, Ross and I both heard her say "Gloworm." Sounded like "gah-wmmmmm" but still, she was looking at the Gloworm when she said it.

Amazingly cool.


skeet said...

And isn't she the clever one, telling Ted you need to win one of his cameras!

I WANT one of those. Well a camera, too, but a little Violet grandbaby would be my first choice. :0)

Beautiful baby, beautiful family, beautiful blog! Well done!

Maya Papaya said...

Hey thanks!