Saturday, November 04, 2006

Yummy yum yum

So I found a blog this week that I've been loving, called Fatfree Vegan Kitchen. The recipes look so interesting and her photography is beautiful. I wanted to make soup tonight but I wanted something relatively quick and easy, so I chose the Stormy Black Bean Soup from the site. Excellent! I didn't even have all the ingredients exactly. I used green chilies instead of chipotles in adobo (they didn't have those at Super Wal-Mart). The lime was really good in the soup! Who knew?! I also plan on trying the Impossible Vegan Pumpkin Pie . very soon - maybe for Thanksgiving.

I have pictures to post from a little outing we took today, but my computer isn't cooperating and I need to shut it down and start over. The problem with that is that I'm using the computer to play white noise while Miss Baby sleeps on her little mattress in the corner and I don't want to shut down and wake her up. So check back tomorrow and at some point there will be pictures up.

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SusanV said...

Hi Maya! So glad to hear you liked the soup. Doesn't the lime just make the flavors pop? I hope you enjoy the pie if you try it.

And that baby is STILL adorable! :-)