Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The park

Today was Violet's first official trip to the park to play. She fell asleep so early that we had bunches of time once she woke up so we went right down the road to the church and hung out at their little playground for about an hour. I figured the sunshine and fresh air would do us both some good.

Violet loved it, of course. She made snail trails by crawling all around in the sand, checking everything out. She only tried to eat the sand once - I didn't make a big deal out of it because I figured she'd find out for herself pretty quickly that she didn't need to be eating the sand! It was only a little bit anyway. She tried to climb up the slide but it was too steep for her. I picked her up and put her at the top and helped her slide down a few times and she seemed to like that. But she's a baby who is all about doing things herself, so I mostly just let her figure things out on her own. It took her a few tries to climb up the step to the gym thingy they have there (she only tried to climb the first step, which is more of a little platform so she fit on it nicely). But after the first time, she could climb up quickly.

At one point I looked at her and she had put sand in her hair and she had little shimmering bits of micah all on the top of her head. Pretty girl!

I wished I could've taken the camera, but the batteries were dead - Ross came home with a new brick of batteries so next time I'll be prepared. I can't wait until she can walk and run around at the playground! What fun.

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