Monday, November 06, 2006

Hates hats

Violet hates hats - but I was able to get these two pictures today of her in a hat. I love her in hats! We have a little book that has a girl in a hat and then a picture of just the hat and I'm hoping eventually she'll want to wear a hat because the little girl in the picture is wearing one. High hopes, I know.

In other news, because all of a sudden Violet is having a hard time taking both her naps in one day - and she's not taking them early enough to be tired enough to go to bed early enough at night - today is the first day she is having just one nap, instead of two. She's also sleeping 3-3.5 hours during the day but only 9-10 at night. She should be sleeping 2-3 hours a day and 11-12 at night. I don't really think she's ready to switch to one nap a day yet (supposed to happen sometime between the first and second year) but it's wearing me out to try to get her to sleep. And, since she'll be extra sleepy, I'm hoping I can transition her to sleeping on the crib mattress on the floor in the corner while I work during her nap (instead of on me - she's getting a mite big. She does sleep on the mattress while I work at night - most of the time.). She's asleep there right now - and it only took her 12 minutes to get to sleep (instead of 20-60 minutes!). Do you hear that? That's my sigh of relief.


Bahar said...

She is such a doll! So, so cute!

MEH said...

Thanks! She's getting sweeter every day!