Sunday, October 15, 2006

She's now a four state baby

So last weekend we put Violet in the car and drove north for an hour and then drove back home. We went to Sevierville, got stuck in some traffic, and just turned around and came home. V slept almost the entire time and Ross and I got a lovely, uninterrupted two hours to talk about whatever.

It was so very nice.

So very nice, we decided to do the same thing again today. Ross had class all day yesterday, and we thought it'd be good just to get to talk and look at the pretty fall leaves while Miss Baby took her afternoon siesta.

Well, V didn't sleep a wink. But she yelled a lot. We kept driving because we kept thinking she'd go to sleep. We drove all the way to Cumberland Gap, Tennessee (wish I'd brought my camera - it was beautiful!), where you pass through a tunnel cut through a mountain into Kentucky.

Violet is now a four state baby. She's been to Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Next we're going for Virginia since it's not all that far away.

When we got home, I gave her some Tylenol for her teething and now she's asleep, though a little restless. Poor baby.

As for me, the trip felt a lot more like work than I thought it was going to, so I'm going to bed early tonight!

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