Saturday, October 28, 2006

Only briefly...

As of around 8:10 this morning, Violet has started standing on her own, though just for brief moments. She'll hold onto whatever she pulled herself up with, then open her legs wide and bend her knees for balance and then slowly hold her arms out to the side - then grab back on.


She's also starting to say some "words" regularly. She says cat and socks, though they sound the same ("gah!"). This morning I was putting away the dishes and telling her what I was putting away and she said "muh" for mug. She obviously gets it. It's pretty darn cute.


Beverly said...

you have one really cute little girl. I enjoy watching her grow up. I did look at all your photos and being a "baby nurse" noticed Violet in her carseat. The top plastic piece that fastens across her chest (it has Graco written on it) should be pushed up more towards her chest towards her neck. It would rest across her boobies and underarm. That way she will not fly out if you are in a wreck(Heaven forbid) I hope you don't mind my writing you abut this. She is SO cute!!!

MEH said...

Beverly - Thanks - she's my little angel baby.

I don't mind at all! I will move that part up next time I put her in the carseat. Thanks!