Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Learning to sit down

She's now pulling herself up all the time with no troubles. Until tonight, even though she is able to plop herself down, most of the time she'll whimper or cry until I realize that she wants me to help her. This evening, however, she decided that she would learn to do it herself. She did this about four times and I cheered her on and clapped - she was very proud!

I took these photos with my "rapid fire" function on, so this all happened in about 5 seconds (or less).

1 comment:

jude cowell said...

Rapid fire needed for a girl on the move such as Violet--a bye bye girl on the go, no doubt...

What is the Violet's Book ad here? Is it coincidental? Targeted, I assume? Maybe it's in the same neighborhood as Mr Pine's Purple House.